Abecia Harp 1991 at Lagtangon, Maribojoc, Bohol

Nov. 7

Sharpened saw; nangka block for staves planed, marked with gauge; begin sawing stave; tugas block cut into 2 pieces for forepillar; forepillar planed and squared

Nov. 8

Forepillar shaping of cylindrical middle; spiral layout with string; saw used to score spiral lines; begin carving spiral with chisel; third stave board cut

Nov. 9

Continue finishing carving spiral, some sanding; Base is begun, two base pieces planed and joined

Nov. 10

Sunday- no work

Nov. 11

Layout diamond pattern on forepillar, begin carving; Foundation block prepared from small log; Robles board for neck measured, planed, and first outline traced from template, initial rough cut made; Hindang block planed and soundboard slats cut

Nov. 12

Stave board whetted and planed smooth, each board bisected, planed together to equal sizes; More soundboard slats cut: some adjustments done on foundation block

Nov. 13

No work because Abecia had to go to town for supplies

Nov. 14

First two staves glued to foundation block, braces set, sawdust and glue mixture applied, glue dries until next day: Neck block cutting and carving resumes: more soundboard slats cut

Nov. 15

Staves 3-4 joined to staves 1-2 and foundation block, braces added, sawdust mixture applied; more soundboard slats cut; neck marked with gauge, ornamental carving done on sides (width) of neck


Work Schedule (cont.)

Nov. 16

Added extension piece to stave 5; more neck ornamentation carving done

Nov. 17

Sunday no work

Nov. 18

Soundbox holes layout and cut on stave 5, the joined to rest of soundbox, braces added, sawdust mix added to inside joints

Nov. 19

Hindang slats for soundboard planed to required thickness; more neck ornamentation done

Nov. 20

Forepillar tenon cut; Base cut, planned, measured, mortise slot cut to fit forepillar tenon; some sanding done to forepillar; Begin harp assembly layout, cut bottom resonator box angle of tilt; Slot cut in base for box to inset; resonator box joined permanently with the base; neck/forepillar joint layout

Nov. 21

Some forepillar ornamentation carving; split sibucao for pegs; some sanding done; neck tenon cut and used to trace forepillar mortise; forepillar mortise cut; neck tenon layout and cut for neck/foundation block joint; mortise cut into foundation block; harp pre-assembled

Nov. 22

Fiesta preparation- no work

Nov. 23

Fiesta- no work

Nov. 24

Sunday- no work

Nov. 25

Harp resonator box with base attached to neck, forepillar glued and bound tight. Began layout of soundboard slats onto standing harp


Work Schedule (cont.)

Nov. 26

Gluing of soundboard together on bench: Began cutting nangka to make moldings

Nov. 27

More sibucao split for pegs; moldings planed, marked, and gouging began; remove soundboard from bench; gluing strip place into box at bottom at base where for soundboard

Nov. 28

Paper scraped off soundboard and sanded; soundboard joined to rest of harp; more gouging of moldings

Nov. 29

Finished making moldings; remove rope and nails from harp; centerstrip cut, and planed; moldings fitted to harp, insets cut into base and foundation block, moldings attached, glued, pasuk added; center strip joined to soundboard

Nov. 30

Abecia goes to buy strings for harp

Dec 1

Sunday- no work

Dec 2

Peg hole layout on neck; holes layout on center strip as well, began drilling peg holes with brace and bit

Dec 3

Continue to drill peg holes, continue cutting split small for pegs; string holes put through center strip and soundboard; pasuk placed through molding and into the foundation block; more carving of foundation block where it connects to the molding; more sawdust and glue mixture added; began whittling pegs

Dec 4

Pegs place in harp, cut to correct length and numbered; holes made in tip of pegs for strings; Varnish applied

Dec 5

Harp was strung and the construction process ended